Jon Filip FaHlstrøm JULY 10. - 15.

Jon Filip Fahlstrøm comes from Norway, lived in Brussels for a while, has moved back to Oslo where he now resides. His career has been with new circus, companies such as Carte Blanche, Iceland Dance Company, Eastman. In his freelancing he has worked for Frikar, Mia Habib Productions, Arounidance, to mention some. He teaches for professional dancers in Oslo and the rest of Norway, at the National Academy of the Arts, at The Academy for Contemporary Dance Art as well as giving workshops internationally whilst touring.

Workshop: Critical Mass -How can we all discover within ourselves what we would like to share to the critical mass?

The class works with the push to the floor as basics, works its way through the body towards the floor towards an energetic movement in space. It will consist of technical exercises and tasks. The class aims to go from warm up to ready to go activation in the body and mind.